This week at Bethel MSM Sunday Morning

Join us for more on our “Reset” series as middle school parent, Erica Herzog shares with us how she learned to stop worrying so much about what others thought of her and instead focus on who God made her to be.

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MSM 7-11 night!

Join us for the most fun event of the fall!  On Friday October 12 from 7-11 students can enjoy mechanical bull, knockerballs, 9 square, nerf wars, climbing wall, sumo wrestling, crafts, photo booth, archery tag, volleyball, food, and more!  Cost is just $15 per student and students who have never been to Bethel before receive $5 off.    You can sign up online before the event, or sign up at the door.  Invite your friends, it’s going to be an awesome night!

Registration link:

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Baptism Class

Students must attend one of the two options if they would like to be Baptized on August 5th.  July 8th and July 29th will be done during the breakout time of the Sunday morning MSM service and the July 11th and August 1st classes will be done during the Wednesday evening MSM service. Students must attend both Sunday and Wednesday classes.

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Promotion & Cereal Sunday!!

This Sunday (6/17)!! Everyone “moves up” (promoted) to their new grade and we get to welcome the new 6th graders! 7th and 8th graders – PLEASE BRING A BOX OF CEREAL TO SHARE!

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8th GrADe CeLEbrAtIoN!!!

This Sunday we will be honoring, celebrating & saying good-bye to our 8th graders and some leaders too! 6th & 7th graders will also get to hear a message from Jessica Macfarlan and her experiences in Haiti.  Jessica will be challenging the students to consider the MSM Culture that they have created with the outgoing 8th graders and the culture that they want to share and create with the incoming 6th graders.

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GIDEON – Faith Above All Odds

This Sunday at Bethel MSM

Sometimes when your right where the Lord wants you to be, it may still look like things aren’t going your way. We as Christians have to learn what it means to be obedient to the Lord no matter what the process looks like. Gideon is a perfect example of what it looks like to be obedient to Lord even when the process looks doubtful.

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Overcoming Anger

This Sunday will be our last day in our “Overcoming” Sermon Series.  Mike will be be talking about overcoming anger and how to identify if it’s Godly or Worldly.  He will give them a tool to work through their anger and grow closer to God.

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Overcoming Guilt & Shame

This week we are super blessed to have our message come from one of our middle school students. If at all possible have your student come out to our 11am MSM service and hear from one of they’re own peers as she shares some ways she has by the grace of God overcame guilt and shame in her own life. 

“Sometimes, what the world deems as successful or attractive is set up as the standard to which all worthiness is measured. I love so much that God does not use the same scale.” – Hannah Fox

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Overcoming Despair & Depression

This week  James Fairfield will be focusing on overcoming despair and depression. We will focus in on Psalms 139.  It is a fanstastic Psalms that clearly says who God is and how we cannot escape him -meaning we cannot go anywhere He is not. Even in the hardship of life, he is there.
James will be talking about 1 major contributing factor to depression – social media. We get wrapped up in comparison and train our brains to think hopelessly.
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JOIN US at 11am for Bethel MSM!!

This week in MSM we are going to look at what Paul says about being content, and how true contentment comes from knowing Christ and knowing that we can rest in the fact that he is everything we need. When we feel that Christ is everything we need our focus moves from ourselves to who God is in our lives.

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