fear and loss

This Sunday at Ignite, Mike will be talking about your spiritual backpack and how you need to have it packed for life in the wilderness.



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Emotional Stability

This Sunday at Ignite!!  C u at 11


We will be digging into emotional stability this week. Where it starts, how it grows, and what it brings to the table of our lives and the lives of others.

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Emotional Stability

This week at Ignite – Mike will be teaching about the making of an individual’s emotional stability. We will see it compared to a pyramid with our Beliefs as the foundation. Our beliefs lead to our values and those lead our actions and emotions.

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Self Discipline

This Sunday at Ignite

Over the past years we have encountered people at work, in schools, and in the news and various forms of media who have been exposed for wrong doing because of their lack of Self-Discipline (Integrity). The world would tell us that even integrity is subjective and is based on a person’s Identity and Core Values. In this message we will explore what it means to have godly Integrity and what it looks like in our lives.


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Moral Values

What is the sum of your character? If you were to add it all up…what makes up who you are. It’s an important question. If you remember the illustration of an iceberg…90% of it lies below the surface. The same is true for us isn’t it?  The outside only reveals so much about us. Most of who we are lies beneath the surface.  On Sunday we are going to look at one part of that 90%.

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This Sunday, the middle school students will be hearing about how important it is to base our identity in what Jesus says about us and how He made us to be instead of what the world says.  The students will identify what identity statements they make that directly work against the identity God has given them.


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CALM DOWN… It’s Just Traffic

The message this weekend will encourage us to hope & trust in God and His power, and providence and gracious presence in the worst of times and directs us to give Him the glory of what he has done for us and what he will do!


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Shabang Together!

This week we will be celebrating the new school year with our “Shabang Together” Theme!  In addition to our usual fun we have a few extra fun things planned  – including hearing from a few of our High School leaders on how to “Be a Light” at school and to reach out to others to embrace “Togetherness” at school.

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Get In The Wheelbarrow

This week at Ignite!!



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Iceberg- Because of The Titanic we know icebergs are deceptive.  We know that only about 10% of an iceberg can be seen above water. The same is true for people, we see maybe 10% of a person, we don’t see them behind closed doors, we don’t see their thinking, processing, feelings – we see very little of a person. So, for good or for bad, there is about 90% of a person you aren’t seeing.    Well, what character, godliness, rebellion, sin, skill, and pretty much anything else has there been of things we haven’t seen –  we are simply seeing the display. If you want to get better at a sport, don’t think simply of the 10% of the game you will play next Saturday, think of the 90% of practice, drills, and mindless skill builders. If you want to be godly, don’t be focused on the 10% that’s “on display” in front of others, think of the 90% that isn’t seen by others.

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