Why Should I?

This Sunday at Ignite – Jonathan will be talking about how It is necessary for every Christian to eventually make their faith their own. Have you made your faith your own?

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This Sunday at Ignite!!

This Sunday at Ignite: Who is God and what has HE promised us? Starting this new year, Jason will be reminding us this Sunday to remember God whenever we are struggling or just plain going about our day. It is easy to lose touch with God as life piles up around us and it becomes overwhelming fast. But, the more we trust in God and are always striving and seeking Him out, our burdens become lighter and lighter. It is through Him that we find acceptance, love and strength from.

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This Week At Ignite – Who’s in Your Boat?

Life is a journey that God never attended to be traveled alone, he wants us to live life, have fun, and enjoy the communities we find ourselves in.  He does however ask us to be mindful of the company we keep and make sure we are the ones doing the influencing. Simply put, if your student was in a boat with their friends, we believe that they should be the ones steering, making good choices and helping others to do the same.

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This Sunday at Ignite –

Teens face uncertainty and unrest every day; bullying, conflicts with family and friends, problems at school, etc. They struggle with finding the calm within the midst of the storm. This talk addresses the only place that they can go to find the peace that they so desperately need and want.

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Merry Christmas!!

We hope that you have a very Merry Christmas! We will not be meeting for Ignite this Sunday on 12/24 – have blessed time worshiping with your family at Bethel’s Christmas Eve Services at 9am, 5pm or 7pm.

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A Journey to Joy

What is joy? Is it a feeling or is it a choice? Or both? How can you have joy even when circumstances in your life are hard? Malia (Teri’s daughter) is going to talk about joy and share stories from her mission trip this Sunday at Ignite. Hope you’ll join us in The Hub @ 11am.

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This Sunday AT Ignite – A Journey to Love

“How well do we know Jesus Christ?
I dare to push to a deeper understanding of just what John 3:16 means and just how infinite God’s love for us really is.
In this we can learn the hearts that the original disciples had to start Jesus’ church and learn how to love one another.”
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A Journey to Hope

This Week At Ignite: We will be talking about our journey to Hope and how the life you lead will flow out of the story you believe. We want to challenge the students  to dig deep and evaluate if their hope is for Godly treasures or worldly pleasures.


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Intimate Belonging

This is the last week of the series “come belong” so make sure you are there to finish this awesome series. We’ll be talking about the smallest and potentially most desired space of belonging.

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Come Belong – “Personal Belonging”

As we continue in our series of “Come belong” we are going to talk about two things, the first is a sense of belonging does not need to be reciprocated. If you feel like you belong you belong, that’s all there is too it. When I was in middle school i felt like i belonged to the group of “skaters” I rode a skateboard, wore baggy pants, had a bad attitude, I was a skater. The weird thing was, i was terrible at skating. I love to skateboard now, and I’m way better at skating now that I was in middle or high school, but I don’t consider myself part of that scene or culture. In the same way if kid “A”  feels like he is best friends with kid “B” then kid “A” is best friends with kid “B” even if kid “B” doesn’t feel that way. What will ruin kid “A”sense of belong is if kid “B” says “We aren’t friends”. All belonging goes out the window if it’s made clear that the feeling is not mutual. Belonging does not have to be reciprocated.

The second thing we will be talking about is personal belonging, which is a smaller group of friends. I believe that the main thing creates personal belonging is transparency. Of course transparency needs to be paired with participation, curiosity and care, but at the core of personal belonging is transparency. People know who you are, you are honest, not trying to impress, not surface level, but open and honest. James 5:16 Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.

I love this verse, it says confess to one another, pray for one another. There should be confession and care for one another. Not necessarily to the random person you just met, but people who you trust. A huge part of Christian personal belonging is who prays for you, and who do you pray for.


I’m looking forward to another week talking about belonging.
James Fairfield

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